I bet at least 7/10 people reading this have ever done a wolf howl while secretly craving they could be a wolf for a day if not on a full moon. There is a certain something about wolves that leaves you in awe of them. Lucky for you and I, we can get to experience this “certain something” and get an exclusive invite to the wolves’ hunting ground when playing Wolf Online.

This is how the game works

The player starts by selecting their wolf. You get to choose from different breeds of wolves, each breed adapted differently than the next. Once you select your wolf, you can begin hunting.

As the wolf, you traverse the hunting ground looking for prey. You will find other wolves on ground already hunting. Beginners can follow the wolves to get a “taste’” of how the hunting works. Prey includes deer, rabbits, etc.

More often than not, the hunter gets to be the hunted. This game is no different. There are predators such as lions that you will need to run away from. If you want help while hunting, you can call on other wolves.

Another thing you will enjoy about this game is that there are so many areas to explore. These areas include dragon lava, the mountains, wildland, the riverside etc. This is great because it gets to break the monotony common with other games.

Wolf Online is available on devices supporting android as well as iOS.

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