TunesGo is a music fan’s dream come true. Music could be consumed with a tangible backing in the past.

This means that music was bought, stored on a disc, and saved on the shelf. There was no question of where the music went. Things have completely changed now, and the question of where music is stored and how to move it is a lot more complex than switching a CD from the car to the bedroom. Software such as TunesGo becomes all the more important- they become vital to saving and organizing music content.

The system is essentially a transfer tool. It allows users to move their music across multiple devices without worrying about a loss in sound quality, bad compression, lost tracks, and corrupted files. Better yet, the system works on all connectable devices, crossing over from Android to iPhone is possible.

iTunes has developed a rather formidable transfer system, but it is exclusive for iPhone.

That leaves out at least 55% of the marketplace right there, and that is simply not fair. TunesGo has a lot going for it aside from the connectivity. The platform has a built-in streaming option for gathering music directly from YouTube. Not only is it powerful: it may be the future of music listening.


Robert Gombos

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