How to attract people and keep them hooked? 

So, you have a decent list of subscribers, and you are pretty confident in the quality of your emails. However, it seems that you are struggling to get people to become loyal readers, and you aren’t getting the results you expect! What are you doing wrong? Keep reading to learn more about how to attract people, and keep them hooked with your emails. These simple tips can help you make the most out your content and turn a boring sales letter into something engaging and special!

Start with a really catchy headline

As you might know, the headline is actually one of the most important aspects of the entire email concept. The reason why headlines are so important is the fact that they are often the very first thing that people will see. When your email hits their inbox, the first thing they will notice is the headlines. Boring or suspicious headlines that look like spam will end up straight in the bin! It’s important to take this chance and make the most out of your title. A good headline should never exceed 15 words in length. In addition to that, it should also have a really clear concept, teasing the content of your email. Ideally, a good title is going to be a great opportunity to clarify why you are sending out your email, and let the audience know what this is all about before they even open your email.

Referencing newsworthy events

Many people are interested in news and trending topics. If you reference them in your emails or headlines, there is a good chance that you will lure more readers in! If you consistently try to feature something about a trending topic, you will make the email more relevant. Don’t be too obvious about it though, or your emails might look forceful! Only talk about something if it genuinely fits with your material! Read on to find a couple of examples:

“Fight waste, and optimize your home with sustainable energy”

The above headline references a popular topic: sustainability. It promotes a home energy service that is in line with such values. This is a good way to reference a trending topic into a headline or email text. On the other hand, check out the following line:

“News reports that wastefulness in at an all-time high. Meanwhile, we have a huge sale going on!”

This is a ill-advised headline because it is a forceful attempt to combine a trending topic (sustainability) with a sale that probably has nothing to do with it. The sale ad doesn’t even specify what is actually on sale, making it even weirder and confusing. This seems like a crazy made-up example, but you’ll be surprised to learn how much content like this actually exists!

Referencing interesting facts and statistics

Much like referencing trending topics and newsworthy items is a good idea, referencing interesting facts and stats can add an extra spice to your emails as well.

Use google, hashtags or news aggregator websites to find interesting content to use in your articles. This way, you can add a nice aura of impact and knowledge to your material! There is really no limit to what you can actually come up with. It is really all about making sure the content fits the concept of your email and attracts your audience.

Including good content and media

Optimizing your email with software solutions like is a great way to make the process smoother and more effective. You can also include other content and media, such as pictures or video. This way, you will add more variety to your emails and make them more enticing than just a block of text!


Robert Gombos

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