Jakarta is known not only as a metropolitan city and capital city of Indonesia but also for its highways, skyscrapers, chaotic traffic, shopping malls and natural beautiful environment. The Thousand Islands or Kepulauan Seribu are among the natural beautiful places in the north of Jakarta which visitors and tourist may like to visit due to their underwater views and other water front activities. This write up provides you brief information which, in my opinion, can help you in making your holiday unforgotten holiday in the thousand islands Jakarta.

Location of Thousand Islands: One of the busy ports of Jakarta, Kepulauan Seribu, is situated nearly 45 km in its north with wonderful string of islands easily approachable from the city. Thousand Islands are stretched upto 100 miles in the waters along the Jakarta Bay.

What for the Thousand Islands are famous: There are nearly 110 large and small islands in the group of Thousand Islands. These islands are famous for surprising diving locations along with lots of water sports activities including swimming, kayaking and sailing. There are about 700 reefs on these islands. The smaller islands of these Thousand Islands are specially known for their beautiful coral reefs. These islands are divided into various categories including conservational islands, tourism islands, community empowerment islands and historical island, according to the difference in their characteristics.

Environment of Thousand Islands: The crystal clear sea water of the resort islands has a plethora of beautiful and colorful fishes swimming around to give you an amazing experience of traveling at such wonderful islands. Sound of whistling birds in the woods, reflecting sunset scene in the sea, romantic sound of waves and harmonizing gentle wind are the other attractions on these islands that, in my opinion, you can enjoy on your visit to this group of Thousand Islands.

Topography of Thousand islands: Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Ministerial Decree has declared the area of Kepulauan Seribu spread over more than 107,000 hectares of sea and land as Thousand Islands Marine National Park or Taman Nasional Laut Kepulauan Seribu.

Turtle conservation sites: Two of these islands Panjaliran Timur and Panjaliran Barat are prohibited for public access because sea turtles are conserved on these islands. There are hatching sites of green seas turtles and hawksbill sea turtles on these islands. The endangered species of hawksbill seas turtles are bred on Pramuka Island of this marine park, which are very rarely found in other parts of the sea. They are conserved on this island to recover the disappearing population of these turtles which is nearing extinction. Eggs of these turtles are hatched in semi natural manner and their babies are cared before releasing them to their natural environment in their breeding activities.

Animals around Thousand Islands: The animals that dominate this park can also make your holiday unforgotten holiday in the thousand islands Jakarta. They include 144 species of fish, innumerable varieties of colorful sea worms, seventeen species of coastal birds and two species of giant clam. You can also find 54 species of sea biota normally found near coral reefs as they are accustomed to that ecosystem. Mangrove forests around most of the coastal areas of this park have golden ring snakes, reticulated pythons and monitor lizards in abundance.

Vegetation on Thousand Islands: Coastal species of plantation including pandan, coconut palm, cangkudu, cemara laut, mangroves, butun, ketapang, kecundang and breadfruit generally dominate the coasts of these islands. The commonly found sea vegetations in this marine national park normally include seaweeds like Chlorophyta, Phaeophyta and Rhodophyta along with Padina sp., Halimeda sp., Sargassum sp., Caulerpa sp and Thalassia sp., in sea grass category.

Tourism destinations on Thousand islands: 45 Islands from Thousand Islands in Jakarta have been developed as tourism destinations which are further classified into special tourism and general tourism. Bidadari Island, Ayer Island, Putri Island, Kotok Island, Sepa Island and Pantara Island are some of the islands among those developed as tourist destinations in this national marine park. These islands are provided with adequate infrastructure and facilities essentially required for encouraging tourism on them.

Thus, I think, the information provided here above about the fantastic tourist destination near the capital of Indonesia will help you in making your holiday unforgotten holiday in the thousand islands Jakarta.


Robert Gombos

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