Without doubt, Angelina Jolie is a distinguished luminary with a remarkable talent in acting and a marvelous personality. Jolie has curved a conspicuous niche in modern American film because of her ability to portray strong characters in major films that cut across various genres.

She is also a high-profiled actress, screenwriter, author, and film director. Jolie was born on June 4 1975 during the onset of a calm summer in Los Angeles, California. Angelina Jolie’s life appears to have been cut out early for stardom due to the influence of her celebrity parents, Jon Voight and Marcheline Bertrand. In her childhood, Jolie demonstrated an active interest in the arts, which earned her the support she needed from her parents, friends, and mentors. She grew up as a likeable child with a strong and creative mind.

Angelina Jolie – A Magnificent Life

Jolie has always hogged the limelight for various reasons that range from her superior skills in acting to her empathic and humanitarian intervention on the plight of humanity anywhere on the planet. In nearly equal measure, the gifted celebrity has lurched from one controversy to the next in areas that include her relationships and a peculiar outlook on matters of general interest.



In the course of her acting career, Jolie has achieved tremendous feats of success and awards including various Golden Globe Awards and multiple Emmy nominations. Some of the films that have had immense positive impact on her profile include Hackers (1995), Foxfire (1996), True Women (1997), and George Wallace (1997). Some critics and reviewers consider Gia (1998) and The Bone Collector (1999) as the finest displays of Jolie’s raw talents (

Jolie’s Big Heart – How the Call of Duty in Cambodia Changed her World

Part of the filming of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider in a remote region of Cambodia opened up Jolie’s heart to the call of philanthropy. Jolie came face to face with the extreme adversity of Cambodia’s population in a country that was contrastingly beautiful. The suffering of the people differed significantly from the gorgeous mountains, rushing rivers, and the splendid life of its flora and fauna. Jolie began her efforts to reverse the dire conditions of the populations using her own means and the support she received from friends and fellow celebrities. Her selfless personality captured the attention of the international press leading to her appointment by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) as a Goodwill Ambassador.

For a long time, Jolie has endeavored to merge her talents in acting with the humanitarian duties. Some of her experiences in the humanitarian duties are strongly reflected in the 2003 film, Beyond Borders. She has gone further to adopt children from some of the places that touched her heart in the line of philanthropy. On various occasions, Jolie has admitted that a good part of her happiness comes from the comfort and love she derives from caring for her adopted son, Maddox and daughter Zahara. The boy and girl were adopted from Cambodia in 2002 and Ethiopia in 2005 respectively. Her other son, Pax, was adopted from Vietnam. Collectively, Jolie cares for six children and enjoys every aspect of motherhood.

Remaining Beautiful at 40 – Methods, Secrets, and Gossip

Despite the pressures of motherhood, the gravity of age, and a busy lifestyle, Jolie remains a smashing beauty in every aspect of her being. She has a well-toned skin, marvelously defined curves, and a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI). Jolie is known to maintain a healthy lifestyle that comprises of healthy eating and a disciplined fitness routine. However, some celebrity watchers have stepped up speculations of possible plastic surgery on Jolie’s face as a way of enhancing her beauty.



The grapevine details have mentioned Botox treatments, breast implants, and facial fillers as some of the possible methods in Jolie’s secret life. These speculations have been dismissed by many of her fans and the people close to her private life. There is a unanimous view within a section of the celebrity world to the effect that Jolie’s positive approach to life fosters her lasting beauty.

Some Controversies and Interesting Facts about Jolie’s Life

Angelina Jolie believes in blood as an indicator of a strong bond in marriage. She applied this belief in two past marriages that ended up in ruins nonetheless. She used her blood to write the names John Lee Miller at the back of her shirt when she married him in 1996.

The marriage collapsed in 1999. In 2000, Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton wore vials of each other’s blood in their wedding. The marriage did not last beyond 2003. Angelina Jolie’sl life is equally unique in the way she divides her earnings. She sets aside a third of her income for life’s expenses, a third to savings, and a third to her charity works. These are just some of the amazing facts that make Jolie’s life truly outstanding.



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