refr2e3With the rise of social media more than ever before, the beauty industry has been booming more than ever before, and furthermore, it has been taking advantage of this social media craze.

We’ve decided to round up some of the best up and coming beauty Instagram accounts worldwide in this blog post and tell you a little bit about them.

Monica Style Muse

Monica Veloz is someone who has been on the rise recently and has a great Youtube channel and awesome content, focusing on the theme of 90s makeup.

Tame The Beast

Get Beast or Tame The Beast has recently launched a grooming line for men. Check out their website to shop their latest Tame The Beast men’s grooming gift set.

Ingrid Nilsen

Ingrid is known to be a very kind person. She has recently hit 3 million subscribers on her Youtube channel. Ingrid does a lot of DIY as well! You can follow Ingrid’s Youtube channel here [].

Rana Tarakji

Rana is an up and coming beauty blogger based out of Lebanon just that recently started putting her makeup out there on her Instagram account. Follow Rana Tarakji’s Instagram account for more information.

Finally, these few beauty Instagram accounts demonstrate that beauty trends are constantly changing and we should be constantly on the lookout for the newest beauty muses to change our grooming lives!

For more established beauty bloggers, check out the infographic below to find out more about one of the most influential beauty bloggers in the world Huda Beauty.



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