The average price for renting a house in Lexington is $650. You can save money by buying a tiny house instead until you save enough money to buy a big house. With a tiny house, you will only have to pay for car renting, and you will be able to live a lot more comfortable life. You won’t have to be stressed every month on whether you will make enough money to pay your rent. You will leave in a comfortable and affordable house.

You don’t have to worry about becoming homeless as tiny houses cost as a month rent in Lexington. You can buy another tiny house at any time. Therefore, it seems rational to save your money and to spend your money in the future for your own big house.

You will be able to afford a comfortable big house. Until you can afford a big house, you won’t live in terrible conditions. You will leave in excellent conditions. You will be to make your own food in a kitchen that has all the necessary equipment. You won’t have to leave in a one-room apartment; you will live in a tiny house with 4 rooms that have enough space for 8 people to sleep in.

Even if you have kids, your kids will have their own bedroom. You will have a living room that is big enough to allow you to watch your favorite TV shows and sports games. You won’t feel poor, and you will have every need satisfied in your tiny house. Even though you will have to live in a small space, you will have enough money to afford other necessary things, such as medical services when you don’t feel good.

A house from will satisfy all your needs, and you will leave an comfortable life free of worries about whether you will be able to meet month’s end. You will have every room that you need for a normal life without feeling deprived of anything.


So buy a tiny house and live an excellent life. Live a comfortable life and enjoy your life. Don’t live your life thinking about how you’re going to meet month’s end. Live happily and have all your needs satisfied in your tiny house.


Robert Gombos

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