Support your candidate, advertise a yard sale, or sell your property.  Your front yard is a privately owned billboard waiting for you to make a statement.  If it is true that your home is your castle, then your yard is your banner.  How you decide to represent yourself is entirely up to you, but there are several ways to use your front yard to make a statement or solicit attention for whatever purpose you have in mind.  You have an opportunity to influence the beliefs of those around you or to quickly sell your merchandise if you just tap into your creative instincts and take a leap of faith.


Examples to Follow

If you have any doubt that your yard can convey a message, think back to the last Christmas or Halloween holiday to a yard that captivated your attention.  Every year ordinary citizens, your neighbors, use their creative ingenuity to decorate their entire property in a way that inspires others around them to decorate their lawns or homes also.  If you have ever lived next to one of the homes that go overboard with decorations than you have felt the pressure of “keeping up with the Jones’s.”

The author Marianne Williamson in the book ‘A Return To Love’ made a famous and powerful statement, “There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people will not feel insecure around you.  We are all meant to shine, as children do.” You can bring out the understanding of any idea that is important to you in a very powerful way by making the most of what you have.  Consider something simple like a sign or banner. Quality Sign Designer, for example, has everything from a simple 18 inch by 24 inch yard sign to a banner 7 feet by 50 feet long with six color photo process.  Utilizing a banner of this magnitude in a creative way will do more than get your message out, it will firmly plant your message in the mind of everyone who passes by.

What Not To Do

Using a banner that totally engulfs your yard for a statement may not be ideal for every yard.  Sometimes when you want to get the message out it is easy to get caught up in what you are saying instead of how you are saying it.  Yard signs are popular for good reasons.  They are not a huge investment, and they are a temporary medium to show support.  Most events like a yard sale or election do not require any significant investment to get your point across.  Take a good hard look at your yard and decide what will work the best.  How you say what you have to say is equally as important as what you say.

You do not want to put up a sign saying support the environment if you have ten broken down cars in your front yard.  If the yard truly is the canvas for all of your marketing, make sure the canvas does not detract from the message.  Keep your yard neat and clean and put your décor in order.  A sign or banner placed inside of a flower garden is not likely to get noticed.  If you buy the smallest sign available and put it on your front door will anyone actually notice it?  Even more important, what are your city’s rules for the posting of signs?  Do you need a permit?  Are there ordinances that regulate the placement of a sign?  Do not get excited without doing your research!

There is good news for those of you who are not creatively inclined.  If you want to support a political candidate, there are templates already made up, and you do not have to design your sign.  There are advisors and creative engineers at Quality Sign Designer that will do the hard work of putting together your ideas in a clean, neat and presentable way under your advisement and approval.

All you need is the desire to support your candidate.  If you are selling your property and need something a little more permanent or satisfactory they can also meet that need.  If the idea of a sign or banner does not appeal to you, there are a range of products to choose from including flags, a-frames, and custom vinyl cutouts and prints you can request.  Setting your yard to work for your needs is entirely up to you!


Robert Gombos

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