In today’s politically volatile times involving so many hot button issues more and more people are getting out to support their candidate. Some people believe that the issues facing the United States have the country at a constitutional tipping point and if the current path is continued there will be no way to turn back. If you are a believer in a cause and have found a candidate that represents your views, there are several ways to help them out.

It is All About The Vote

Nothing is more important to a candidate for office than garnishing your vote. Everything they do or say is aimed to the accomplishment of that goal. The midterm elections for congress are in November, and the talk everywhere in the political news cycles is focused on which party will control the senate. Every single candidate needs your help in the ground game which involves the deployment of volunteers into the community with the singular purpose of getting supporters to the ballot box one way or another. To support your candidate, you must personally vote for them and get as many other people to cast their vote also.

A Little Help

Some people feel very passionately about their candidate but do not have the time to invest in being a full-time volunteer. If this describes your situation, do not despair. A simple way to show support for your position is to purchase a yard sign or banner to hang. The reason incumbents are hard to beat is because of name recognition. Just putting out the name of the candidate in a high traffic area helps to increase familiarity with their name. When the voter gets to the voting booth and has to make their selection the name they are most familiar with and that reasonably stands out to them is the person they will vote for. The good news about signs and banners is they do not require much time to be effective, and they do not require any interaction with the public who may need you to defend your candidate’s position. In fact, you don’t even have to go out to buy the sign, you can simply order one custom made with your candidate’s name and party colors from websites such as

A Lot of Help

If you like making phone calls, knocking on doors, or debating you can do all three for a candidate. The qualifications for a volunteer are minimal, and you can even act on your own to try and sway the hearts and minds of voters you come into contact with. There is no end to the amount of work you can contribute. More than the labor, any resources that you have in the form of funds, property, or materials are tools for the furthering of a campaign agenda. The networks you have for contacting other likeminded volunteers or donors can be an asset of tremendous value if you are willing to contribute.

The American political system is controversial, fickle, and volatile. A great majority of Americans live by the uncodified rule, “never talk about religion or politics.” Conversations that start off seemingly harmless have a way of turning explosive and emotional, especially if you are talking about abortion, racism, or religion. You will have to make your own decision in regards to how comfortable you are in defending a position. What is certain is that no matter what your personal thoughts or feelings are, when you volunteer you are representing someone else. If you put out a sign, a banner, or knock on doors after making phone calls, make sure that you are representing your candidate and not your own views. Putting your candidates name on a pro-life banner when they support abortion is not fair to the candidate or the voter. The benefit of becoming a direct volunteer for your candidate is that you will have better access to their marketing concepts and ideas. They may have templates for banners or signs that you can have made very easily that convey exactly what they want them to say. In a democratic republic it is patriotic and honorable to want to support your government through the voting process. If this is you, keep up the good work!

Ray Donato is a very politically motivated individual and often shows his support for his chosen candidates, especially during important election cycles such as congressional and senate votes. If you wish to learn more about Ray you can visit Google+.


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