shadow is one of the oldest websites on the Internet. It is also known by its other name as the Open Directory Project. It started as a directory of websites before the era of search engines. Its stated goal is to be the largest human edited directory of the World Wide Web which it has already achieved.

It currently has over 4.1 million websites in over 1 million categories. Currently over 89,000 editors work on a voluntary basis to check the submissions made on the website and weed out the dead websites.

Navigating this website is very easy as the homepage contains all the major categories such as arts, games, reference, shopping, society, regional, News, health, business, computers, home, signs, recreation, home and sports. All of these categories have many other subcategories and those subcategories have further subcategories. Overall, these subcategories go up to a depth of 6 to 10 depending on the categorization of the website.

There is also a search box on the home page wherein you can search about any topic and it will return with various websites in its database. The results also include a small blurb on the website along with its URL. Anyone can submit their website for inclusion in the database of Dmoz. The decision to include or decline the submission is made by the editor of the particular category to which submission was made.

Websites listed on are considered to be high quality as all of the websites in its database are selected after they have been reviewed by human editors.

Websites listed on are considered to be high quality as all of the websites in its database are selected after they have been reviewed by human editors.

It is also available in many different languages such as Portuguese, Spanish, Deutsch, French, Italian, Chinese and a lot of other languages. In its heydays, it used to be one of the most visited websites on the internet as there was no index of the websites on the world wide web and people were dependent on such directories to go to various websites. Yahoo also started similarly.

Dmoz has a very simple interface. The subcategories list various websites with a small blurb regarding the website.

The subcategories inside the main categories are very detailed. For example, the main category of Games has various subcategories such as Video Games, RPGs, Board Games, Card Games, Hand Games, Role playing, Party Games and many others. Similarly the kids and teens category lists websites in various subcategories such as Arts, computers, games, health, news, teem life, school time and many others.

Once can navigate the website easily by clicking through various categories and subcategories in addition to using the search function. One can find a website on almost any topic in this directory.

People are using DMOZ to improve their online presence, to get a high quality backlinks. It’s written everywhere that providing quality content, having it linked from quality, authoritative websites,  it’s all that really matters. A a true website analysys process can highlight that easily. Take a look what the owner of said:

I started my website back in 2009. I didn’t know anything about how to build a website. I was a plumber before that. But I thought, what the heck? I’ll try the website thing. It was for my plumbing business originally, and it was just a phone number and a picture and a little article about what good work we did. It looked like something from 1997.

Some of my friends know a little more about technology, and one of them showed me I had no idea what it was, at first, but then again, my site was still stuck in 1997. Once he explained how the tools worked, I found they were really easy to pick up, even for a total technology noob like me. And guess what—today, I’m not a plumber. I design websites for plumbers. And carpenters, electricians, any kind of person who needs technology like that but doesn’t know how to use it. Welcome to the future!

Now that is progress.

Other very good web directories, according to Web Directory Reviews, is Jasmine Directory.

My conclusion?

Don’t waste your mind and money on crap. Dont get those from links, blog commenting crap, just stay stick to the natural flow of the Internet. From my experience, any attempt to force the boundaries, leads to fail.


Robert Gombos

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