YTD Video Downloader.

The first thing to tell about this free application is that you can download any video without difficulties from any website. By the way, the program collected the most popular video websites and presented the link to the page with them. So, if you are a hardcore movie and video clips fan, you will find some hints on how you can extract more power from YTD Video Downloader in the review below!

Check out the advantages of YTD Video Downloader:

  • Free use;
  • Lists of video websites;
  • Built-in video player;
  • Built-in video converter.

Let’s use YTD Video Downloader!

1. Launch the application. Usually, the icon is located on the Desktop or in the Start menu.


In order to download the video, you need to:

  • go to the YouTube website, for example,
  • copy the URL link of the video (URL is located in the address bar on the top of your browser; click on that link and tap Ctrl+C on the keyboard),
  • open YTD Video Downloader,
  • hover the cursor over the line (1) to paste the link!

NB: check out the link in the bottom (2) to learn about the most popular video websites!

2. Go to the tab ‘Convert’. As you see, you can transform the file into the video with the appropriate quality for your Apple device.


  • Pay attention to the marked area below. You can even crop the video to convert the exact part from it.
  • Change the volume by dragging the scroll box.

3. Here you will see the Activity tab with the latest video uploaded from websites. As we mentioned before, you can play the video in the built-in player. Nevertheless, what if you want to play it with a different player?


  • Right-click on the video and select ‘Play in default player’ (arrow 2). Thus, you will open the standard program for video playback.

Other valuable options are:

  • Click ‘Delete file from your computer’ and wipe out the file from the system (arrow 3).
  • Click ‘Open containing folder’ to locate the video file instantly (arrow 4). Save your time with free YTD Video Downloader!


Robert Gombos

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