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Investing into a high-rise condominium doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to pay whopping fees and maintenance costs. Contrary to what other people think, condo living allows you to have constant access to first-rate amenities and facilities at a not-so-expensive cost.

Though it is understood that condo ownership has maintenance and association fees, know that the said costs are still much lower than the amount you would usually spend for an outdoor pool at home or even set up your own DIY fitness center or yoga room at home. More so, maintenance of the said facilities would never be your concern as the management will do the job for you.

What may seem to be discreet to most people is that owning a condo actually poses minimal utility and maintenance costs. Imagine how much homeowners could save since they are sharing the costs of building and preserving the condo amenities with their fellow condo owners. Such savings from this expenditure can be allocated for something more worthwhile.

With the developers’ programs on preventive and corrective maintenance, it is guaranteed that you are comforted and protected by a full-bodied abode that is designed and built by a pool of experts.

Westwood Gardens Condo Towers are strategically located at 8868 Yonge Street in Richmond Hill, just north of Highway 7 at the corner of Yonge and Westwood Lane.

All these and more, WestWood Gardens condos really got you covered. You surely would want a future home that could take you anywhere really fast, safe, and sound.



Robert Gombos

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