ELISA kits are lab tests that look for the presence of certain antibodies in the blood. In general, if you have been exposed to or are in the process of fighting a disease, your body will make specific antibodies to fight the infection. These antibodies can be detected in most cases even years after the infection. Thus, ELISA test kits are a quick and private test to check on the exposure of a person to a number of specific diseases.

What ELISA Testing Offers

ELISA uses a simple blood test to detect the presence of both disease and a number of metabolic markers. Using this method, disease and conditions can now be detected quickly. A number of these conditions did not have any test, or the testing was very expensive and took a lengthy period of time. Some of the tests were not easy on the patient as well. ELISA offers the benefit of historical testing as well. If you don’t know whether you had a certain disease, such as German measles, which is dangerous to pregnant women, you can be tested for it in the present. This is a tremendous gift to offer your patients. In some cases, the availability of these kits can be life-saving.

Available ELISA Tests

Our kits are always being updated with the latest ELISA tests available. Often, both laboratories and customers are not aware of the variety of ELISA test kits that are offered. Some of the most common tests we offer include blood cell disease, cancer markers, diabetes assays, cardiac disease markers, fertility testing, food toxins, food additives, thyroid problems and even steroid use. Many diseases can be detected with this method that involves a simple blood draw including STDs, AIDS, hepatitis, a variety of cancers, parasites and a variety of viruses that can be hard to detect with other methods.

Promote Your Business

Having these complete kits on hand to offer this wide range of testing to your customers is a great way to expand the services of your business. The kits are complete and don’t necessarily require your business to purchase expensive equipment to read these tests. This kits will allow your business to offer services that compete with much larger laboratories. Don’t let your customers miss this opportunity.


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