There is a new way to keep all your family members in an orbit. The website offers an Android and iOS app known as Family Orbit that helps to connect the whole family. Through this app, you can locate your family members, monitor your kids, share contents i.e. photos with family members and more. This app keeps the whole family in your orbit 24/7.

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Family Orbit allows you to do the following;


  • Track your family member’s location.
  • Be notified when a family member checks in specific places.
  • Check family member’s location history for the last 7 days.
  • Share photos privately with your family members.
  • Send free messages to one member of your family or the whole family.
  • Enable privacy features to bar kids from accessing adult chats and messages.

This app acts as parental control software. It lets you track many aspects of your child. Here are some functions that allow you to track your children.


  • Speed limit set up – set your car’s speed limit and be notified if your teenager is over speeding.
  • Track all the photos captured with phone’s camera.
  • Monitor all contacts in your kids’ phone book.

The best aspect, children can check their nearest family member and request to be picked up. It helps to secure your child in case they are stranded. Kids will appreciate this app because it alerts the parent when they (kids) check in minimizing all the bothering calls. It also creates a family’s private social network where family members share all their information privately.

Family Orbit is easy to install and invite the other family members. With just three steps, you will keep the whole family connected.

If you want to maintain your family members within your orbit, download the Family Orbit from the app stores.


Robert Gombos

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