What to Expect from Free Templates

When paying for a product, you expect to receive a high-quality product that lives up to all claims made by advertisers or salespeople. When you use many free products, you expect the popular saying “you get what you pay for” to apply. That means you expect a lower-quality product that is in some way inferior to similar products that come with hefty price tags.
That isn’t the case when you use a free sales receipt template. Keep reading to learn what you can expect when customizing, downloading, printing or emailing receipts created from our free templates.

High-Quality Designs

If you wanted to use a generic receipt template that was created with little to no thought, you could create your own in a matter of minutes using Word. There are many free invoice template featured on websites which you could copy and print, but those receipts wouldn’t represent your business well. Even if you took the time to alter the designs to include your contact information, the inferior quality of the design would present obstacles that waste your time.
Our templates are all free, but each design was created with great care. Our designers think about the needs of your business and the ways that you may use receipts. The result is a high-quality product that you get to use free of charge.

Functional Designs

Free resources are useless if they aren’t functional and intuitive. You want to select a free printable receipt template, customize it to represent your brand and quickly send it out to your customers. If you have to waste time trying to alter a design to fit your needs, you will quickly get frustrated with the design.

Every free template offered on this site is functional in its own way. Browse our collection of more than 50 designs to find the one that works best for your purposes. Whether you need receipts mainly for your own bookkeeping efforts or you use them as tickets for customers to pick up custom-ordered products, you will find a functional template that fits your needs right here.


Since we strive to provide free templates that are functional for every application, we have taken the time to create a wide variety of receipt designs. If you operate your own cake-baking business out of your own kitchen, you will find a template that is easy for you to print out and hand to customers upon delivery.

If you operate a large company and have multiple sales representatives printing receipts from different computers, you may even want to use different receipt designs. Since these receipt templates are free, you could even allow each representative to select their own design that fits with their own system. You have great flexibility due to our wide range of design concepts.

Intuitive System

Whether you need a free receipt template Word compatible or you want to deliver PDF receipts for online customers, our system helps you customize your unique receipts quickly. If you have ever fumbled with a poorly-designed website until you gave up in frustration, you will find our site a breath of fresh air. Everything is laid out for ease of use, so you can create your receipt design and get on with business.


Our services are always dependable, so don’t hesitate to explore our collection of receipt templates and ask questions as needed. Just as you strive to provide competent services to your customers, we are dedicated to providing competent, friendly services to our customers…that means you!

Looking for Free Receipt Designs?

Our receipt templates require zero commitment, zero budget and zero hassle. Browse our extensive design collection, select a customizable template that fits your functional needs, and send it off to your customers right away. The system is intuitive, so we will never waste your time.


Robert Gombos

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