Situated in the Southeast Asia, Singapore is one of the smallest countries in Asia in terms of population. While Singapore is physically small, it is one of the richest countries in Asia. Take note that it’s among the most developed countries not only in Southeast Asia, but also in Asia. The country boasts a unique blend of many national influences such as Chinese, English, Indian, and Malay. Every year, millions of tourists come to Singapore to experience a slew of sightseeing that the country has to offer.


Singapore is a great destination for travelers of all ages. Traveler can go to People’s Park Complex in Chinatown which is Southeast Asia’s first high-rise shopping center. The can also choose a guided tour and explore ethnic neighborhoods such as Little India, find Chinese medicines and see ancient temples and architectures. If you are not afraid of heights, take a 10 minutes ride on Singapore Flyer which was opened in 2008. Go to Singapore Zoo which houses more than 3,000 wild animals. This is the closest you’ll ever get to a real African safari.


Few cuisines in Asia are as multi-ethnic as the cookery traditions of Singapore and while it is sparsely populated, Singapore offers variety of colorful and multicultural foods. The reflection of Singapore’s cultural diversity can be seen in an array of local cookeries on the menu throughout the country. Whether you want Malay Cuisine, Peranakan Cuisine, Chinese Cuisine or Indian Cuisine, Singapore has it all. Hawker centers are also popular destinations for visitors in search of an assortment of dishes at low prices. Although there are many cuisines in Singapore, some of them are linked with this culinary destination.


Whether you are coming for a short stay or a lengthy stay, there is an accommodation to meet your needs in this beautiful island. From hotels, budget lodgings to boutique and serviced apartments, you’ll be spoiled for choice when picking an accommodation in Singapore. If you are on a budget, hotels are your best option. Besides sanitized towels and clean sheets, you will also be offered a disposable toothbrush and comb. If money is not a problem, splurge on accommodation for a memorable stay at five star hotels or luxury service apartments.

Transportation system

Singapore boasts one of the world’s most efficient transportation systems. In fact, you don’t have to hire a taxi. Nonetheless, cabs are easy to locate and the drivers are very hospitable especially to visitors. Purchase a MRT tourist pass and get limitless rides on the MRT as well as LRT public transportation services. MRT rail system features attractive sights of the surrounding area. Some of its destinations include Jurong, Woodlands, and Sengkang. Trains in Singapore accommodate all passengers, from large families to passengers with huge packages.


Singapore has preserved its environment and lush vegetation. While it could get humid in the capital, relief is offered by the monsoon winds. Nonetheless, do expect sunny climate all year round. For more information about this beautiful island, visit


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