Matt Cutts is the head of a web spam team at the world’s biggest search engine, Google. As the head of the web spam team, he is one of the most public faces of this extremely secretive company. He also maintains a personal blog wherein he provides information to Webmasters on the various policies of the search giant.

Matt Cutts is very popular amongst Webmasters. He maintains a very active Twitter account and always announces any of the new spam algorithms rolled out by Google on Twitter. The world came to know of the latest Google Penguin, Panda, and the hummingbird algorithmic updates through the Twitter account of Matt Cutts.

Matt Cutts also speaks at a lot of conferences and webmaster meets. Matt has a Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina and B.S degree in mathematics and computer science. He is one of the earliest employees at Google and joined the team in January 2000. He gained fame inside the company when he was asked to write the algorithm for making the safe search filter making Google safe for family search in its early days.

Since Matt Cutts has become the public face of Google as far as web spam is concerned, there are a lot of popular memes dedicated to Matt Cutts on Internet. He has a big following on Twitter and regularly interacts with many search engine optimizers and webmasters to give advice. He posts regularly on his blog at It is an interesting read and potential Webmasters can learn a lot from his blog.

Matt Cutts also participates in discussions regarding Google at many other online forums such as the Webmaster world and Hacker News.

He has also shot a number of videos to describe various new algorithms and change in policies rolled out over the years by Google. So far his team has shot over 500 different Webmaster videos. He has always been very helpful to Webmasters regarding their queries and his team has introduced many features requested by Webmasters in the Webmaster tools.

Matt Cutts, along with his colleague Amit Singhal, called out the search engine Bing, when Bing was accused of mimicking the results of Google through scraping. He has been running his blog since the year 2005 and has written on a variety of topics. His day to day activities consist of working on the search quality and working on algorithms to root out the spam from web results.


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