Having more than one children in our house can be very exciting for most families. However, more children simply means that you have to provide them with more space in your house. When you have plenty of space in your house, it shouldn’t be very hard for you to come up with an extra room for your kids.

When this solution is far from being true, you might have to stick with a single room to accommodate their night time. Adding more beds to the existing bedroom may not be a great idea because it will eat up plenty of space and simply make the bedroom more crowded.

Bunk beds from Kids Funtime Beds come to save the day. These beds make use the space in the bedroom vertically. That way, you can take advantage of vertical space and present a more comfortable sleep experience to all your kids without making the room more crowded.


Thanks to their special designs, bunk beds are considered as the best solution to deal with the limited space in the bedroom. Most of the time, this type of bed has become a common choice to the home owners with two children of the same gender.

More interestingly, these beds come as a more cost-efficient choice. The cost of bunk beds for your kids is obviously more inexpensive than the cost of purchasing two different beds for your kids. Not only that these beds can save more space in your house as you place your kids in the same room, this type of kids beds come with a very friendly cost.

The industry of bunk beds in the United Kingdom seems to grow very quickly over the last few years. These beds are always high in demand and many manufacturers has come with their own unique bunk bed designs.

Moreover, this type of kids beds now come with different materials. Some of the beds are made from metal while other products use wooden frame as their primary material. If you like to purchase the beds that can last much longer in your kids bedrooms, then the ones made from wooden frame should be your first priority.

The kids beds made from metal might not be as durable as the wooden beds. However, they certainly offer more stylish and sleek appearance. These beds can be a great addition to the bedroom decoration.

Another reason why you should choose the bunk beds from Kids Funtime Beds is its better functionality. Traditionally, a bunk bed is designed to accommodate twin sized beds that offer comfortable sleep experience at night for your kids.

Today, Kids Funtime Beds has come up with more functional designs for their beds. Some of the bunk beds from Kids Funtime Beds are equipped with more playful facilities to make your children more comfortable.

Simply put, when you have more than one kids in your house and look for a more affordable bed solution, bunk beds from Kids Funtime Beds can be a more reliable choice for you.




Robert Gombos

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