Whenever there is an economic downturn analysts expect that there will be a reduction in the purchase of luxury items. This is not usually the case with luxury brands doing good business whether the economy is doing well or not. You may at have at some point wondered why expensive items sell. To get an answer, you need to truthfully ask yourself why you recently bought that expensive pair of shoes or bag.

There are a number of reasons such as:

Purchasing a luxury item makes you feel good – If you have ever entertained the thought that you needed to treat yourself with something expensive, then you will understand that purchasing that item gives you a special feeling which most people crave for once in a while. Luxury enthusiasts are known to always be on the lookout for products that are unique. When they buy such products, they want to show them off to feel good about themselves.

As a status symbol – While most people will not admit they are luxury enthusiasts, they will go out of their way to purchase a luxury brand to send a message to people out there. The message they intend to send is that they are important because they can afford to purchase a certain model of car or live in a certain part of town. Luxury brand manufacturers know this and will do everything in their power to create the impression that their brand is the ultimate for the particular product.

High quality – If you value quality, you are likely to be the kind of person who buys expensive items because you know that they are durable and will serve you for a long time. Although there are always cheap imitations of high quality brands, the quality of the authentic brands comes through every time. It better to buy an authentic but expensive luxury product as opposed to buying cheap imitations that you have to replace every time. If you are one of the luxury enthusiasts, you probably know where to shop for original products.

It is good for you – Have you ever heard of the saying fake it until you make it? It seems that when you purchase luxury goods even when you are struggling, you become used to fine living and before long you actually get to the high standard of life you desire.

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Robert Gombos

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