Credit has to be given to Microsoft Office for having graced the computer world for such a long period. However, that does not mean it is sufficient for your office needs of today. Most likely you are already bored with the updates, the unreliability, and the stinging insecurity that comes with Microsoft Office.

Fortunately, there are pretty good alternatives and more-so because no application is indispensable, especially in the digital world. There are remarkable tools out there s that will do wonders that Microsoft Office just can’t quite match.

A look at some of the insufficiencies of Microsoft Office

Systems Incompatibility

Microsoft Office 2013 came and changed your office functions. It is very adaptable to the new computers and gives you an edge over other alternatives. The problem comes when you have to run it on older systems. It is tedious and probably will never work in your old workstations that you are unable to upgrade.

In short, the new Microsoft Office wants new hardware that you currently do not have. You do not have to spend much improving your technology infrastructure just to impress Microsoft products. OpenOffice and LibreOffice are better alternatives that will be compatible with your old machines. Here the choice is easy, and you can for once get something else apart from Microsoft.

Not the Type of Support your Business May Need

When your IT support team is thin or nonexistent, you may need some external support. To tell the truth, Microsoft has been trying in the past but not so with Office 2013. Lately, the tech company has been encouraging you to subscribe to their Office 365, which comes with a price tag. Without the much-needed free support, Microsoft Office may be losing the favor and sufficiency that has been synonymous with their products.

Better alternatives exist in open-source projects. They are volunteer-driven and will give you the opportunity to participate in document projects and sharpen your experience. Any problems arising from these alternatives will be discussed at no cost and will be addressed in the forthcoming updates. Microsoft has thus lost the sufficiency and may not be the biggest favourite for you in this regard.

Problems with Document Sharing

If there is one thing more important than having the documentation created in the first place, it is document mobility. You need to be able to share your documents in as many platforms as possible. If you are using Microsoft Office 2013 then you must have realized it is not compatible with spreadsheet pivot tables and macros.

You are now tied, meaning you cannot use macros and pivot tables in your documents. You are bound to experience inconveniences in translation of charts especially so if you are using different spreadsheet suites and programs.

All in one customer relations management solutions like Scoro allow you to have a centralized place to go for your needs. Allowing you access to advanced reporting, customizable data views and ease of integration with many popular tools today such as Dropbox or Google.


The best thing that the digital era has brought is the freedom to choose what’s best for you as a person or business. Whether choosing free or paid alternatives, you do not have to stick with Microsoft Office any longer, largely because it has a number of misses that are so well catered for in other software.

The convenience that comes with the new alternatives is far way unmatched by the likes of Microsoft Office. Do not be a slave of the past when you have all the alternatives to solve your problems of today, which Microsoft Office is incapable of solving. Make the switch today and be on the side of success.

Edrick Hypolite is a freelance writer who loves to write about the ever expanding tech industry and various trends emerging within. These trends prompt him to encourage readers to look for the latest solutions to their existing problems. If you wish to learn more about Edrick you can visit on Google+.


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