Babies are vaccinated up to 24 times time before they get to 6 years to be safe from more than 14 diseases. This may seem like a lot of vaccines. However, you have no choice but ensure that your baby gets all the vaccines recommended by your doctor. Remember, the vaccines are not there to hurt your baby.

They were all discovered to help babies grow up free of many life threatening diseases. My baby has been vaccinated several times, and she will be vaccinated more times if need be. This is because I know it is for her own good. Here are some reasons why vaccination is important for your baby;

1. Vaccination is safe for your baby

All the vaccines recommended by doctors for babies have long been tested by doctors, scientist and health professionals to ensure that they are safe. Therefore, you should sit back and relax because vaccines are not going to hurt your baby. They only bad thing that your child will go through is the discomfort and pain associated with vaccines. This is nothing compared the pain and misery that can be caused by the disease that your child has been vaccinated against. Therefore, you should think of vaccines as a slightly painful way of preventing a lot of pain in future. After all, It will not take long before your baby get over the side effects of the vaccines.

2. Vaccines can save your baby’s life

There are hundred of diseases out there that threaten the life of your baby. The sole function of immunizations is to protect your baby from these diseases. When you have your baby to vaccinated, you are saving him from these diseases. The thought of my baby suffering from any of these diseases drives chills throughout my body. I can even imagine.

That is why I cannot argue about any vaccine that the doctor recommends for her. Some of these diseases have injured and killed thousands of babies. Would you want to put baby’s life at risk? If not, you have to ensure that he/she gets all the vaccines available.

Vaccines have helped to eliminate many diseases that children suffered from. For example, polio, which was a very dreaded disease has been completed eliminated fro some countries.

3. Vaccination will help you save money and time

When you protect your baby through vaccination, you help to save a lot of your family money and time. This is because he/she will not catch many diseases that may make you spend a lot of money and time seeking medical help. Also, by protecting your baby from diseases that may cause lifelong disabilities, you give him/her the chance to grow into an able person that will be able to work and cater for his/her needs.

He/she will not depend on you to satisfy his/her needs in future. If you want the best future for your baby, one of the important things to do is make sure that he/she gets all the vaccines that babies are supposed to be given today.

4. Vaccination helps to protect other people that you care about

You obviously have other people that you care about and that you would want to protect from life threatening diseases. I have many. If you want to protect them, start by ensuring that your baby is vaccinated. This very important especially if there is someone in your family who was not fully immunized because of a condition that weakens the immune system such as leukemia.

These people are prone to many diseases. By vaccinating your baby, you not only protect him/her from these diseases, but you also protect other people in your family that can easily catch these diseases. It does not have to be your family members that you are protecting. Protect anyone else who might be prone to disease such as measles and whooping cough by ensuring hat your baby is immunized. There is no one in my family with a weak immune system but I want to protect everyone that might come into contact with my baby in one way or the other.

These are just a few reasons why vaccination is important for your baby. There are many other reasons. Vaccines are administered at different times. Make sure your baby gets all the vaccines in a timely manner.

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