Almost a decade ago, Yahoo! realized that the market for online shopping needed a way of finding the right prices. As more and more people decided to take their shopping needs online, the fact became clear that same products were available in many different online stores, but that they held different prices. Because of this, Yahoo created a service called Yahoo! Shopping, which was designed to offer their users a way to check the price range of a product.

With it, at least in theory, the shoppers could find the lowest prices and get what they want by paying the least amount of money.

Now, is still a place where prices of online goods can be compared. The site itself is presented with minimal design, featuring a clear white background. The content is spread out in the form of boxes, where the products are located. On the left side, the main categories are arranged, and they include Clothing and Accessories, Electronics, Jewelry and much more.

Everyone is then divided into other subcategories, which means that, for example, Sporting Goods include categories like Individual Sports, Camping and Outdoor, Fan Gear and so on. This system provides a really impressive range of products in every imaginable consumer area, and the hierarchical organization provides an easy way to search any group.

Simultaneously, offers a direct search option, which can cover Yahoo! Shopping or the entire Web, and the users only need to enter their search query. In the same space, users can also log in to their Yahoo account, which offers additional benefits like browsing history and other features.

The search engine performs its tasks with ease, which is not a big surprise considering it is based on the powerful Yahoo search algorithm. When a customer finds the exact product they are looking for, the Yahoo! Shopping presents the price range by showing which online retailer is selling the same product and at what price. The upper right corner includes links to those retailers so that the users can simply click through to the offer they are most interested in. This process represents the essence of the Yahoo! Shopping portal, and it is provided to its users without any significant problems.

The biggest drawback of is the fact that its design is somewhat lacking. Although it is clean, the layout is a bit overly crowded and will most likely intimidate new users until they get the hang of it (fortunately, this happens very quickly). For some unexplained reason, the entire content of the portal is aligned to the left, while a big chunk of space remains totally empty on the right side. Also, the content includes Yahoo ads, which also add to the sense that the portal is too crowded.

As a shopping service, Yahoo! Shopping really can help in finding the best prices for goods sold on big online retailers. At the same time, Yahoo would be smart to rejuvenate the design and make it more user-friendly so that its usability is not hampered by a somewhat outdated organization of page layout and its elements.


Robert Gombos

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