Fortune-500 companies made a discovery a few years back regarding the benefits of hiring virtual receptionists to handle inbound calls. The companies realized that virtual receptionists were just as effective as their own in-house receptionists, but were more cost effective to hire, and were also flexible. Hiring virtual receptionists takes away many costs associated with hiring an in-house receptionist.

For instance, the virtual receptionist does not ask for medical cover, pension, and does not have paid holidays. On the other hand, they are just as skilled, and in some cases even more skilled than in-house receptionists. This comes from the fact that they spend many hours dealing with customer queries and they are under constant supervision.

This way, their skills grow faster than in-house receptionists who do not continually deal with customers. The important customer care trend in the world currently is to hire virtual receptionists who can be available to handle calls 24/7, rather than to employ a large army of receptionists who do not have similar flexibilities. The good news is that any business , not just the fortune 500 companies, can now benefit from virtual receptionists. provides a 24/7 365 days a year live answering service for small to medium sized businesses at a fraction of the cost of an in house receptionist.

They not only save our clients money but we help to build their client base as well by making sure that they never miss out on a lead ever again. They can tailor our receptionists to meet the needs of any business and any type of call.


On top of that we also have an in house IT team that can assist our clients with their Google Placement and Web Design needs. Green Receptionist is your one stop shop for affordable business growth. Your ROI will be incredible.



Robert Gombos

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  1. Max Bernstein    

    Signed up with this company a few months ago for the live answering service. It’s cheap and they do a great job. Ended up using them for some SEO after that and I was very impressed with the results I got on Google. These guys are great, you can get all your work done under one roof instead of having to use a bunch of different companies.

  2. Roger Devlin    

    Great company, been using them for years for my receptionist and seo. They are better and cheaper than the other companies that blow your phone up all the time.

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