One problem has gradually crept into the real estate investment industry and has begun to permeate the industry slowly and steadily and if left unchecked can cause an apocalypse to the once noble profession. This problem is none other than the fraudulent activities of some real estate agents/realtors.  This cankerworm has resulted in the decision of many home sellers to move to the FSBO method of selling their properties – after all; no one wants to be shortchanged in the course of a business transaction.

But how can this be checked? What of you could verify the trustworthiness of your real estate agent by comparing his analysis to the analysis gotten from a reliable superhuman – the computer-? When you have an idea of something, it is almost always difficult for you to be shortchanged or duped. This is what the Zilculator – also dubbed the Realtor in Your Palm – does.

The Zilculator helps you make an accurate analysis of your property, thus, giving you an estimate of how much your property is worth. When you know the worth of your property, you can easily compare it with that gotten from your real estate agent and see if there is any remarkable difference in price. This helps you to ascertain the trustworthiness of your real estate agent and keeps you informed of the best price of your property.


Robert Gombos

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